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Book Me Barber App Review

book me barber review image

Book Me Barber App Review


Barbering is an essential service undertaken by almost all persons regularly, particularly after a short defined period. The Book Me Barber is a mobile application that provides barbers with a framework for reaching existing new customers for the barbering service. Through the application, customers can schedule an appointment with the barbers at a convenient time. Subsequently, it increases the level of customers’ satisfaction for the haircuts offered to them in the barbershops. The Book Me Barber application can be downloaded easily, over the internet. Also, the book Me Barber app reviewed is easy to install, and it can be used in mobile handset devices. Additionally, the stated application is also compatible with different operating systems like Windows, IOS, and Android devices, which significantly enhances the application’s ease of use by members of the public.

What the App Offers

The Book Me Barber application provides the chance for clients to attain exclusive barber services that are both convenient and affordable. The app has a wide range of options. Among them is the option for an individual to choose the location and type of barber service to attain. As such, the application saves both time and money for clients. Additionally, the Book Me Application enables clients to choose their preferred barbers by considering factors like the barber’s experience level, location, barber tools to use, and describable personal attributes, such as friendliness.

Due to the regular and numerous day-to-day activities of many people in today’s contemporary society, most people forfeit some basic undertakings like going to the barber. Nevertheless, with the development of the Book Me Barber application, a client can connect to an available barber on a moment’s service. Furthermore, to promote such a level of convenience, with the Book Me Barber application, available barbers can be sent literary to a client’s doorstep.

This means that a client does not need to wait for an hour to have his/her hair fixed, which has been the case for a long time when customers go to have their hair cuts at the local barbering outlets. Before a barber can visit a clients’ home, customers can request specific hair products that they would like used on them. Subsequently, this makes the Book Me Barber application convenient in ensuring that customers’ satisfaction after the barbering service is attained.


The Book Me Barber app reviewed has several features that make the product effective in scheduling barbering activities. The first of such features is the reservation and appointment tool that allows barbers to arrange sessions for their clients in defined time intervals. Also, through the stated feature, potential customers for a particular barber can add themselves to the Book Me Barber application’s waiting list. The app also has an online booking feature that permits customers to pay for the service by using the online modes of payments.

Other features that have been incorporated in the Book Me Barber application is the Barbershop geographic map locations. Additionally, this enables a customer to scan the barbershops that are near his/her proximity, and particularly those listing their services through the Book Me Barber application. This helps you know the barber you are more close to, thus saving you time you would have used to visit a regular barber shop. The application also has a client self-service feature that allows customers to book barbershop appointments 24/7. The application also has the freeze a day feature, which is an add-on in the software application that permits customers to freeze bookings based on a day of choice.

book me barber app review image

Personal Recommendation

Convenience in service attainment is an imperative phenomenon that
all lovers of high-quality barbershop cuts/trims should be offered. In
this case, convenience should be based on the ability of customers to
receive high-quality barber services at their preferred time and without
lengthy wait-times at the barbershops. Such qualities, among others,
have been compressed into a single package titled the Book Me Barber,
which is an application that outmatches all other similar products in
the market. Particularly, that is in reference to the effective planning
of barber sessions for the barber customers in the market.

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