About Taha Barbershop Training

Welcome to Taha Barbershop Training Institution where we are leading the way to our youth reaching out to allow them to be a part of a positive movement, learning skills training for life, personal finance, responsibility and other necessary instruction to deal with the real world!

Taha started with the youth and now targeting youth to be the best.  We understand that everyone was not meant to be a stylist, cutting hair, however we are providing an opportunity in all areas of our enterprise.  We have some who are made for marketing, some made to advertise, some taking interest in health, personal care, products design, clothing design, security, maintenance and cleanliness,  banking and finance and a host of other positions.  With this in mind you see that we need all of our youth to explore all the areas as possible in order to form a strong team and company with intentions to empower our youth for the future.

As you know our youth is our future and the backbone of our strong community and they have been brutally mistreated in the public schools, now charter and even some private schools as well.  We are here to fill that void. Just think of this example for a second….. our kids go to school and learn all types of subjects that we deem relevant, science, math, language, etc., however,  buying a house which in most cases involve credit, banking, securities, and interest, being one of the largest investment transactions in life, and it is not even introduced, nor taught our schools, nor is any specific programs available in our communities to prepare us.  So we all get stuck with years and years of payments and if we miss three consecutive payment we are in jeopardy of losing big.

We are prepared to take our youth and see that they all make a smooth transition into adulthood.  Teaching them to be responsible, good character, social, moral and spiritual means to understand life, to seek their provisions and seek provisions for marriage and growth. We believe that in order to build a strong community you have to do the work yourself and stop sending our children to strangers!

Check us out, keep up with our new events, posts, and growth!!

Omar Jamaladdin