Qualities & Character for Successful Barber

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The following qualities are necessary to one’s success in life as well as becoming a good successful barber. The greatest men and women who ever walked on this earth adopted and maintained the following qualities and characteristics. So as you grow from a beginner to a starched professional always be reminded to learn, practice and pray for such beautiful qualities found in this life. Always remember, you don’t need to wear a suit to be successful, barbers are a little different!!

Having a sincere intention

Intention is one of the most important things in life because all of our actions which you do will be judged and based on the real truthful reason or inclination which is in your heart at the time you carry out the action. So it is very important to know what it means to have sincere intentions. Sincerity is to have a deep feeling of love for being honest, truthful and genuine in your heart for whatever purpose, action or undertaking you take on. In short to just be genuine and serious about what your doing, as opposed to being deceitful and hypocritical.
We see now at the very outset of just saying that you want to be a successful barber, you are being tested by your own words. You have to have a serious, honest and deep inclination or reason why you believe and feel as though you want to become a successful barber. You may also have or need some sort of personal motivation such as a teacher, a friend, person or support group who you admire or communicate with who is already seen as a good or successful person or barber.


Having the sincere feeling and being seriously willing to carry out the necessary tasks to becoming great as a person and have a successful career is considered a strong foundation. So before you go any further take out a pen and a piece of paper and ask yourself the question, “Am I serious?, honest?, and do I have a good reason why I believe I will become a successful person and a successful barber.

Fulfill all obligations of trust

Whether your young or old, fulfilling obligations of trust are done every day although we are not often taught what that means. However, it is very critical that we know exactly what it means to fulfill all obligations of trust. If this is lacking it will be extremely difficult for anyone to become successful at life and any career which you undertake. Today big financial institutions steal all of peoples money/wealth with the use of a trust and we never even realize we were ripped off. Our intent here is to help you recognize trust obligations when you see them and respect and honor them for the rest of your life.


Example: Dad sent you to the store to pick up a loaf of bread and bring it home. He gave you money to buy the bread and you purchased the bread and brought it home. This is an example of fulfilling an obligation of trust. Your dad (Grantor) granted you money which you were entrusted with, so you were the (Trustee). A trustee must fulfill his/her obligation under the trust. So your trust obligation was to buy a loaf of bread from the store with money and bring it home. When you brought it home you fulfilled the trust. Dad paid his money for the loaf of bread so he was the (Beneficiary).

Your friend may just let you borrow a pen for class and ask you to give it away after class, this created a trust obligation. Your friend was the owner of the pen and he transferred it to you and told you to use it for class and give it away to your little brother as a gift. So your friend was (Grantor) giving you the pen trusting you as (Trustee) will take care of it and delivering it after class to your little brother as the (beneficiary) of the pen.


Learn this basic concept and it will make you aware of your obligations, responsibilities and duties owed to others and help you become a better person. These exercises are taught to our barber students to prepare them for life’s most challenging relationships.

Always speak the Truth

It is very important to develop the habit of always speaking the truth and being truthful by accepting the truth even if its against your own self. Truthful speech leads to good actions and deeds and vice versa, telling lies leads to stealing, then killing and so on, so beware and conscious of what you say. People will dislike you, will not like your company, and will not take you serious when you tell lies. Speaking the truth and lying becomes a habit and everyone has to make a conscious choice at some point in their life whether they want to be truthful or be known as a lair. Forgetting things is natural, so just having sincere intention in your heart to carry out something you said you were going to do, needs to be refreshed or you need to be reminded once or a few times. Saying that you will do something without having the sincere intention in the heart to do it, is lying. So take the necessary steps to practice speaking the truth. Take the following exercise to learn this most important characteristic.
Take a note pad and pen with you everywhere yo go for a day and make a note of everyone you communicate with. Note each conversation with the following outline…

Did I say something which was not true?

Did I promise something I am unable to deliver?

Then at the end of the day, review your list and try your very best that day or the following day to fulfill all obligations and make sure that everything you said or promised was the truth and you have means to fulfill the obligations promised, if any. Repeat for one week, and later if you feel as though your slipping repeat as necessary.

Learn and practice good Manners

I know that good manners is supposed to be taught at home, however with this rapidly evolving world school and extra-curricular activities almost leaves no time at all to learn good manner. Good manners earns an honored position in any undertaking you come across in life. To have kindness in everything that you do, beautifies it. For example kind words uplift others and make them fell good, giving others money or food from the kindness of your heart makes you feel good and the person you are helping. There are a ton of other ways to practice good manners. Being clean and smelling good uplifts yourself and others. So the key to good manners is being kind and considerate to others.


Find a suitable book, or ebook about good manners and character building to begin to learn and practice those qualities and it will surely take you far in your career as a barber and in your life as a whole.

Eating Good and Maintain Healthy Image

Last but not least we have eating good wholesome food. This may be an overlooked topic which some may see as a little unimportant, however it is the utmost importance for all of other qualities and characteristics to be possible. Food is one of the greatest causes of sickness. Can you enjoy anything when you are not feeling well. It’s hard to be productive as well. So in trying to be successful at anything you must learn to eat good wholesome foods. Good wholesome eating starts with knowing what foods are wholesome. Always go back to the basics, we were all created from dirt and that’s our returning place as well so eat food which grow out from the dirt because they contain all the ingredients which we are made of. All are rich in different areas so always study the elements of each food. Foods are different in color, size and shape, some we like and some we do not. The study of foods is a big job but very important and should not be neglected. Some may dis agree and think they can eat bad but take a good look at them when they reach the age of fifty. Begin your quest on the study of the body and wholesome eating as early as possible. When you reach old age you will definitely see and feel the benefit, people struggle just climbing a flight of steps due to poor eating.


Go shopping for good reference books on your body and wholesome foods.


All the foregoing examples make up a dynamic man or woman ready and prepared to take on the mission called life and will make a successful barber and anything else one wishes to apply themselves. Now before we close this brief article I need to mention the secret to reaching the top 70% of your profession. Yes these three simple but difficult actions must be done consistently to establish your position of success especially as a barber!!! So here we go, the first is to be at work, the second is to be on time, third is to be ready to work. Provided you establish these tasks you will realize that many people are not sincere to their profession. For further information send us a request, leave comment share our post or check us out on different platforms, google, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!!