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So here we are getting so many haircuts when we were young, now approaching mid age and beginning to realize that your hair is not as strong, a few gray spots appearing, the hair line receding and the top center thinning out, noticeably open or on its way to balding. You now realize how much attention you paid to your hair over the years, wondering what can you possibly do to restore your hair to prevent graying and hair loss. Some may just accept it and get a bald head. Some may give up and say it is just too late, some use hair dyes and wait until its all gone. Some will also take a positive proactive approach and begin to do something about their condition. This short article will explain how to properly maintain good hair, natural ways to restore the hair, prevent graying, balding, receding and how to benefit from an array of diseases.

Thinning hair is a Warning Sign

Hair is a gift to mankind and its primary functions are for protection and adornment. Facial hair such as a beard is primarily for distinction between man and woman and the right of the child to play with it. Once we begin to realize the purpose and necessity of the hair we tend to care and respect it more. Sometimes we may never learn the purpose of the hair and therefore pay it little or no attention until something happens to our hair. This is what forces us to learn about our hair as well as all other situations in life. Its very unfortunate that something has to go wrong in order for us to learn or pay attention, sad to say that this is by design of the world. The use of compulsory schooling which fails to teach us as children about life and our very existence. So we are now blessed with google as a guide to find out all the important things about our hair and others areas of life from people who may have practical life experience on any given topic.

Thinning hair is a sign that there is a gradually increasing issue within your bodily system which is causing your hair to gray and bald. Don’t panic!!! Its only a warning sign! That means that you must change something your doing. As we get older we tend to do less and become less active and energetic. We also developed bad habits which we never paid attention to which affects our overall health and beauty. This is why thinning hair and gray hair begins our mid-life crisis. So now its time to buckle down and do something about our life’s condition.

Things You Can do to Preserve Hair

Good grooming is what preserves hair. Now its time to practice good grooming and if haven’t given up after going completely bald and embarrassed by your hair, its not too late. You have to learn to groom, learn what ingredients are natural as opposed to harmful. Replace all old chemically based products with natural products. Learn and respect good eating habits, and simple exercises. Stop driving so much and add some walking into your day. These are a few essential things which preserves your life and that which preserves your hair.


So good grooming stars with effort. We recommend finding a good natural wooden comb or purchasing a new one, and any clean or sterile brush, to GET YOURSELF MOTIVATED. CHECKOUT TAHA BARBERSHOP STORE FOR ONE STOP SHOP!!!  Opening In March 2020!!

A good comb or brush are basic tools which massage and stimulate your hair and skin. They should be sterilized by heating distilled water, olive oil and an essential oil (1-3 drops of lemon grass, lavender, or tea tree) if no oil just use 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. They are ready to be used regularly for good grooming. Next you’re going to need a good natural hair cleaning solution not necessarily a shampoo.

We recommend a natural home remedy made of real wholesome ingredients. Black soap is a cheap natural cleanser but should be mixed with use, to oils above or just apply hair grease after use, to prevent drying of the scalp. They should be used only once a week no more than twice per week. Provided you prefer to wash your hair more than twice a week is okay provided you use a good everyday leave in solution. Extra virgin olive oil/ argon oil is our best kept secret. Banana peels are great too, you just need to rinse with warm water when done. So good grooming starts with consistent everyday brushing and combing always utilizing natural products! Then just schedule regular visits with your barber and watch the results.

Things You can do to restore hair

Natural essential oils is one of the worlds first medicines used widely. This knowledge has been on the shelves for ages, now that we have so many medical practices. Hair restoration requires a serious daily routine which should not be compromised with harmful chemicals. To find out more information, proven natural hair care products and resources for hair restoration please check out our affiliate offers and support our efforts. You will also receive a comprehensive analysis on restoring not only hair but overall health as well. Find out the root causes for these ailments and natural ways you can prevent and correct them before its too late.

A word about graying Hair

Graying hair is a sign of getting old, a sign of decline in physical strength but increase in wisdom and a blessing all at the use, to time. They come gradually just like life happens gradually. This is a test, a time to embrace, to reflect upon your life and learn to accept change and prepare for a smooth transition from being selfish to sharing, leaving all evil characteristics for good qualities, securing your family, those who you love and those in need. Grey hairs serves as a living reminder to those who are conscious, so take advantage of this increase for it is a powerful time to focus, verify and accomplish your true mission in life.

Being Grateful for your Hair is the key to a Beautiful Appearance

Beauty comes from within mankind. When you obtain good character and good manners you have acquired beauty. Your inner health reflects your outer health. So be grateful by making good use of everything you have been given. This is the essence of gratitude. When you are grateful for what you already have you tend to get more in abundance. So try not to neglect your hair, health and well-being! Your body will take care of you and reverse those bad habits into natural cures.

Til Next time, All the best and success to you,

Omar Jamaladdin