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Mindset for becoming a successful barber

Mindset for becoming a successful barber

We wanted to cover a few words on having the right mindset. Mind set allows you to apply yourself to any giving situation and do exceptionally well at it. There are several other factors but mindset or preparing your mind for a particular task is extremely necessary to your life success!! and here are some reasons why….

Your motivation and passion to learn

Every time a crime scene unit comes across a serious crime, one of the first and most important things they look for is what motivated the suspect to commit the crime. What is your reason why you want to become a barber, a stylist or anything else you wish to do. This plays a key role in your decision-making. Maybe it was a family member, friend or you just seen someone getting a cut and you thought to yourself or seen a vision that said, I can do this. No matter what your motivation was it is the driving force which leads you to the action of becoming that successful barber/stylist. It all starts in your mind. a good example of mindset; a child grows up in a home and his father is a barber, however the child has no knowledge or driving force to become a barber. The child has a big brother who is a student that doesn’t live in the same home. The younger child looks up to the older brother and loves him very much. The older brother begins to cut hair and loves it and then sees how challenging it is. Then he realizes that his father does it and he knows that he is a product of his father so he builds his confidence and is now motivated to become a sharper and even more successful barber than his father. Later on when the younger brother learns what is going on he wants to be with his father and big brother and he too, develops his motivation to become the same. Keeping in mind that barbering is a skill it now becomes a challenge to yourself to become sharp and good as the father or others who have been practicing the trade for several years.

Personal challenge to yourself

When one realizes that cutting hair is a skill he must adjust his thinking and mindset to figure out how to become the best at his craft. The number one answer to this question is repetition, which is continuous practice but along with this, a suitable teacher must be present as a guide. Some may think that a teacher is not necessary, however the wise one understands the importance and benefit of a teacher and takes advantage of the opportunity. A teacher acts as a guide, a measuring stick and a mentor. They give instruction, advice, motivation and personal experience. These are all the keys to being a good successful barber. As a barber grows through his career he realizes that skills is only a small part of being good and having a successful career and life. A student must learn the history of barbering, what it means to be a barber, the role of a barber in the community and much more in order to become great at his craft. So now we see why mindset is so important to our success. When considering all of these factors and then going into the details we see that this endeavor can be a big challenge.

Before I give advice on preparing your mindset for this challenge I just want to mention that some may choose to just be average, some may just want to be considered the sharpest, some may just chase after money and profit, some just might like the competition or sport. However what is important here is that you know what your doing and why you are doing it. Most likely you will grow and develop as yo get older. But a teacher can help you plan ahead and not get stuck into a specific category.

The advice for the real challenge now becomes an entire lifestyle, because as you grow a special someone comes in to your intimacy, a family comes into existence, your belief system develops, your peers go in different directions, finances become important, children take over your life, transportation happens and community life starts knocking on your door. You will then be forced to think about how you are going to deal with all of this and maintain your so you thought good and successful barbering career.

Perseverance and Determination to reach the top

So our advice is to have a road map and be a part of a team who already has experience and available resources to make all of these issues manageable. The next piece of advice is to have perseverance and determination to be the best and focus on the things most relevant a that particular stage of your career. Perseverance is the mindset or attitude of never quitting or giving up no matter what obstacles life throws your way. Young children show the best example of perseverance by attempting to climb the steps. The parent thinks that the child is too young small and weak to climb and fears the child will fall and hurt themselves, however the child has no fear, completely different mindset. They can fall off the step or the parent will take them off the steps but that doesn not stop them. They keep going and going and going and never give up no matter what the odds are! One day that child will show everyone who cares to see, that they made it to the top.

Being your very best

This is what it takes to be your very best at anything you apply yourself. The next lesson to draw from this example is the determination it took to keep trying to reach the top of the steps. The child watches everyone else in the home go up and down the steps and then establishes in his mind that he too is going to follow the same path to accomplish the same task. Likewise this should be your mindset to grow into a successful barber. Keeping in mind that the biggest part of the example is that the parents, guardians or teachers served as the guide, protection, and help. So teachers the next time you see your students trying to climb to the top, don’t pull them away from that mission, help them get there!

Conclusion, Putting it all together

So this is our number one goal at Taha Barbershop. We plan to instill in our entire team the proper mindset needed to excel in every area of their profession and life. We just happen to love sharpening up our clients hair, appearance, and minds and making them look, think and feel there very best. Positive conversation, sharing resources, sincere help and good quality service is our mindset towards our clients.

For more on mindset please inquire within, add a comment, ask some questions. We love to hear from our readers. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read.

The best of success…

Omar Jamaladdin


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